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Many Duluth GA area pet owners are looking for ways to keep their homes clean and free of pet urine smells. Qualified carpet cleaning services that can take care of pet urine damage. Some of these services use special treatments such as enzymes and oxidizing agents to break down the urine and remove the stain and odor. Others use steam cleaning or hot water extraction to remove urine and stains.

Carpet cleaning services that use advanced treatments to break down pet urine are often the most effective. This type of cleaning can often remove the stain and odor completely. However, it is important to note that treatments such as enzymes can take a few hours to several days to work.

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The Effects of Pet Urine

When it comes to pet urine, the effects can be pretty disastrous. When your beloved animal catches a whiff of their smell on the carpeting, they can typically recognize that area as their territory. Because of that mark, the habit is likely going to continue in the future.

Other effects also include:

  • Bad Odor. The bad odor of pet urine can be extremely offensive to both humans and animals. The ammonia in urine is a potent irritant that can cause burning and irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat. In addition to that, pet urine has a vile scent.
  • Ruined Carpeting. Urine can also ruin rugs. The acidity in urine can break down fibers, causing them to stain and discolor. In addition, the moisture in urine can encourage the growth of mold and mildew, which can further damage carpeting and other fabrics.
  • Compromised Health. Pet urine can also compromise the health of humans and animals. The bacteria in the urine can cause infections and diseases. As mentioned, ammonia is a respiratory irritant that can cause coughing, wheezing, and difficulty breathing. In addition, the chemicals in the urine can be toxic and can cause liver and kidney damage.

The Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning 

Most people don’t realize the importance of professional carpet cleaning. Not only does it make your carpets look and feel great, but it also extends their life and protects your family from harmful allergens and bacteria.

A key benefit of professional carpet cleaning is that they can handle and remove tough stains and spots that you can’t get out with regular vacuuming. This is especially important when children or pets are present in your home, as they are likely to make messes.

Combatting Pet Urine with Pro Carpet Cleaning

No one likes to imagine their pet urinating in the house, but it happens. Whether your pet has an accident or is sick, dealing with pet urine on your carpet is never fun. But there are ways to combat pet urine and keep your carpets looking and smelling fresh.

One way to combat pet urine is to use a professional carpet cleaning service. These services can remove the urine and the odor that comes with it. They can also help to protect your carpets from future accidents.


If you have a pet that has caused some damage to your carpets, don’t hesitate to call in a professional carpet cleaning service. Slaidel Hernandez, Manager of Carpet Cleaning by ATL Clean, believes that cleaning your carpet for a fresher-smelling ambiance and healthy environment is quite important. 

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